Racing pilots present scholarship to future LeTourneau pilot

Rachel Brandhorst

Gregg County, TX (KLTV) – Less than ten percent of all pilots are women, but LeTourneau University is doing their best to change that. And when a female pilot is trying to earn her wings, sometimes other female pilots come out of the blue to help out…with cash.

Joyce Wilson is a pilot, but she came to LeTourneau’s Abbot Aviation Center by truck, even though she prefers to fly really fast. Her friend Dianna Stanger came in by plane, and she is the other half of The Racing Aces. They just happen to have $5,000 for a good cause.

“It was actually our winning purse for the Air Race Classic which we won last year,” Dianna said.

“Well, it seems appropriate that you gave her a purse,” I said.

“Well, you know how we women are about our purses,” Dianna laughed.

That good cause is Rachel Brandhorst, who is working on her private pilot’s certificate, and that’s for a good cause, too.

“My parents were in Brazil as missionaries. I had already had in my mind that I wanted to become a mission pilot, and while we were there we met a mission pilot,” Rachel said.

The Pilot suggested LeTourneau, but she can’t just get her license and cruise.

“They want you to have a certain amount of experience flying and in maintenance, and they would like you to be debt free before you go to the mission field,” Rachel explained.

“That’s all?” I asked.

“That’s it, just very simple,” Rachel laughed.

While taking her simple classes she applied for the second scholarship the Racing Aces offered.

“Her application just kept raising the bar, and she just was head and shoulders above the rest,” Joyce Wilson revealed.

“I’m very excited that this scholarship was given to me. I have seen a lot of ways God has provided for me this semester, and that’s really just blowing my mind that He is constantly taking care of me, and I just feel like He’s setting me up for something big,” Rachel revealed.

And the Racing Aces are giving her some of the fuel she needs to to get to that something big.

Actually the $5000 really will go towards fuel and other costs dealing with the airplane Rachel will be using in her training., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

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